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Benefits & Warranty

Our coatings provide durable, beautiful and lasting protection. Cleaning and maintenance are greatly simplified.

  • Highly water resistant, even in the face of wind-driven rain
  • High breathability allowing moisture in the substrate to easily escape as water vapor
  • Excellent elasticity and elongation properties
  • Won’t crack, peel, flake or blister
  • Resists colour fading
  • Resists impacts
  • Resists mildew and fungal growth
  • Superior resistance to common cleaners, scuffing and abrasion
  • Soft semi-gloss sheen resists dirt and other surface contaminants

The bottom line is this: Cleaning rarely involves more than a good spray with a garden hose! For an exceptional cleaning, a pressure wash is all that is required to immediately regain that freshly-painted look.


Our coatings are permanently bonded to the building surface. Nothing can get behind the coating to cause the conditions that cause paint to fail.

Here are some of our products’ features:

  • weatherproof
  • colour fast
  • insulation thermal barrier
  • no maintenance
  • breathable
  • permanent bond to surface
  • water based
  • environmentally friendly
  • fire resistant
  • UV resistant
  • no chalking
  • no peeling
  • over 750 colours

Can be applied on:

  • stucco
  • concrete block
  • concrete
  • asphalt singles
  • wood
  • wood shingles
  • metal
  • cement tiles


Our coatings have been time tested since 1960 and, although we do not yet know how long they will last, we do know that they will last longer than paint while offering superior weatherproofing and insulating qualities.

The warranty provided by PERMANENT COATINGS is unsurpassed in the industry.

We provide a ten year WARRANTY on residential and commercial WC150 Wall Coating applications. This warranty covers all material used in the application, along with a five year workmanship warranty.

Our Warranty provides you with the comfort and assurance that you have used the best possible product for the best possible protection!

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